Our Instagram Viewers select the three stunning gowns you would love to see. They are from our Pronovias Collections.
Pronovias is a prestigious Barcelona store founded in 1922 that specialized in the lace, Pronovias embroidery and high-quality silk fabrics demanded by the brides of Catalonia’s high society. Pronovias has captivating dresses that flatter the figure of sophisticated brides. A collection designed for brides all over the world to enchant not only romantic classic brides, but also modern bold women because every fairy tale has every leading lady.
Tibet from our Pronovias Collection. LOVE this gorgeous floral lace all over the body of this magnificent gown.
Maricel from our Pronovias Collection. Such a classy mermaid gown look in lace with V-neck and plunging back. 
Pronovias Osera. Every single Bride wants to hear that she is so ravishing, glamorous and stunning wearing this gown.